Zink Technology : Printing Without Ink!!

Yes you read it right! Zink Technology allows you to print full colour photos, documents or anything without using a drop of ink. You might have seen this kind of printer in a Digital Camera (Polaroid, Fujifilm INSTAX etc.) or on back of a mobile phone cover! That allows you to print a photo instantly from your device! That’s interesting isn’t it? It’s even more interesting to know how it works!


The word Zink comes from the words Zero and Ink it is a portmanteau of “zero ink”. It is a full-color printing system which prints without using any kind of ink and prints in a single pass. This technology was first introduced in 2005 by a company Zink Imaging, Inc.

How does it work ?

The Technology

The Zink Technology, allows you to print full colour images using “no ink” so it eliminates the requirement of Ink Cartridges, Toners, Ribbons etc. or their refilling. So, now you must be wondering, the from where does all the colour come from? All the colour comes from inside the ZINK Paper! Yes, all colours are embedded inside the paper itself.

ZINK Papers

zink technology

ZINK Paper, has 4 different layers in it. Top most is a “Glossy Overcoat” which gives a glossy effect to the paper, then there are three “Imaging Layers”, these layers consist of Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan (Blue) and at the last there is a “Base Layer” that provides backing for the colours to stay on the paper when printed.

Final Stage

ZINK Papers look like normal papers only, they come in a fixed size of 2×3 inches, at present. Once they have been loaded in the required printer by following their provided steps. Now the magic beings! The printer uses different variations of Heat waves at different intensities to obtain the required colours.

zink technology printer

For example: Yellow will be available at the lowest temperature, then Magenta will be available at slightly higher one, and Cyan will be available at the highest temperature. So by using various combinations of Temperature variations and intensities, the printer get the right amount of colour required as per the image and what we get is a full colour print, sharp and crisp, in just few moments!! A hassle free (ink free) printing experience!!

Printing Samples

Here we have Printed samples from  HP Sprocket. It uses 2×3 ZINK Papers to print photos/docs, also allows you to print wirelessly directly from your smart phone! It can be used as a small portable printer.

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