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write for us techbotincWho are We?

At TechBot Inc. we believe in giving nothing but the best information from the world of technology! Today gadgets have become a religion and we (TechBot Inc.) worship Technology.

What is “Write For Us?

We provide you the opportunity to share your knowledge with about more than 10,000 readers by inviting you to share your knowledge about Technology / Gadgets with this Write for Us initiative. We believe that the more we share the more we can achieve in this field. The articles that you will be submitting will be reviewed by our editors panel and then it will be published on our website and all other platforms featuring you as the author of the article. Please follow the instructions below which will help your content to get published in a short time, provided you satisfy our requirements.


  • The Articles that you will submit must be of your own and should not have been published anywhere else.
  • We Do not support Plagiarism, the content of your Article must be unique.
  • However if you use certain part of information that is not your own (copied / quoted / referred), please mention the Source URL / Name.
  • Minimum Length of your article must be between 300 to 350 words. The more you will right, more we will appreciate, however maximum length must not exceed 1200 words! We do not like to bore our readers!
  • Consider adding appropriate images / videos where ever required.
  • You need to be active on the Blog, for at least 2 weeks in order to reply / answer any queries generated on your article.
  • Once, you submit your article, our Editors will review them and let you know about required changes (if any), and once your article is published you will be notified!

Your Benefits

  • You get a large audience (10,000+ readers) to share your ideas / knowledge / skills with.
  • You get exposure in the field of Content Writing and Marketing.
  • We are always hiring good writers / editors / geeks / reviewers ! Maybe you are the one we are looking for!!
  • Based on your performance and consistency we will be providing 1 Week Internship on WordPress, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, SEO etc. to selected writers.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply Now!!

How to Submit?

Email us your Article in any suitable text file format to: write4tbi@techbotinc.com


  • Do I get paid for writing for TechBot Inc. ?

No! But you stand a chance to get yourself published on our website and to get internship / certificate.

  • What should my Article be about?

Anything related to the world of technology! New ideas are welcome too!

  • What is the guarantee my article will be published?

ZERO Percent, we don’t guarantee you that your article will be published. If you satisfy our requirements we will be happy to publish your work!

  • Will you edit my article?

No. We will make you edit them, if required! After all it’s you who will be getting all the credit!

  • My question isn’t listed here.

Please write to us at contact@techbotinc.com We will try our best to satisfy your questions.

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