What to expect from the Apple Event 2018

On 12th of September, Apple will host an event at the Steve Jobs Theater to announce their upcoming lineup of devices; As is usual with Apple event, there has been plenty of speculation about the devices.

How was 2018 so far for Apple?

Granted Apple had a very profitable year (Q3 revenue is $53.3 billion), they also had a lot of controversies such as.: Refusing to repair an iMac Pro sent by the Linus Media Group. Putting an Intel Core i9 inside the latest MacBook Pro without changing the thermal solution, which lead to the whole thermal throttling controversy. Some Tech Reviewers such as Dave2D found that the 2017 MacBook Pro Core i7 model had faster Premiere Pro render times than the current generation model with the i9.

Apple has since released a firmware update, which can’t fully fix the issue as the MacBook Pro must be redesigned to prevent this degree of thermal throttling.

What to Expect ?

Because of all this, this event is quite different and it’s exciting to see what they’ll announce at this Apple Event. I’ll now go over a few rumors and some confirmed updates.

Apple Watch Series 4

A new Apple watch model is expected to be released, namely the series 4, they’ll likely announce a longer battery life as that was a big criticism of the series 3. New operating systems for Apple products has been announced with the typical goal of improving stability and performance, the event will cover these updates in more detail.

Brand new MacBook Air

It is also speculated that a new model of the MacBook Air will be released, which is long overdue as the current models have dual core 5th generation processors, while the industry has moved onto 6 core 8th generation processors. Something I would like to see is an emphasis on cooling instead of quieter operation, this is more important as bad cooling can severely limit your performance (thermal throttling) and reduce the lifetime of your computer.

New iPhone models & Budget iPhone

Finally, it is rumored that a budget iPhone X will be announced with an LCD panel, this could possibly be a response to the Q2 worldwide market share data released by the IDC where Apple was overtaken by Huawei, and is being threatened by Xiaomi which could push Apple to the 4th spot. There are two more rumored iPhones, the iPhone XS and XS plus, these will include upgrades to the internals and possibly a camera upgrade for the XS plus model, this is all expected as Apple has previously done the same, starting with the iPhone 5 and 5S.

To conclude, this year’s Apple event could be a fresh of breath air, with the possibility of a newer model of the MacBook Air, a budget iPhone X, and the typical upgrades Apple offers on a yearly basis.

Given all of the controversies and the stagnation of Apple’s market share, I personally can’t wait to see how Apple deals with it all. With increasing competition from all sides, Apple must come through with a strong event in order to ensure future success.

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