VR Industry in 2017 and Online Games we would like to see!

With the launch of Google Cardboard in June 2014, it created a hype in the area of Virtual Reality. Google Cardboard was an affordable VR Headset which would work with almost any devices, after the launch of Cardboard, many other companies came up with their VR Headset and since then Virtual Reality has become a thing. Many games and applications have been launched since 2014. Now after 4 years of development in Virtual Reality, let’s see what kind of new games we can expect in 2017.

With the development in VR Platforms we have seen games which allow you to draw with your hands in air, and playing golf in golf fields, in coming future you maybe able to play in an online casino as if you are sitting there, flying like superman and fighting for justice or playing games similar to Grand Theft Auto. VR Platform will allow gamers to get more involved and realistic gaming experience. Lets have a look into some of the latest VR Games and Applications.

Tilt Brush : Painting from a new perspective

Title Brush is a VR based application, which allows you to paint in endless 3D canvas letting you bring your imagination to reality. With its different tools and options available you have endless possibilities for creating paintings, models, etc.

It allows you to walk around your creation and play with your imagination turn your ideas into reality (but of course virtually)

The Golf Club

The Golf Club is a Virtual Reality golf club, which allows you to play golf in different places, various different environmental conditions. It also allows the users to create their own courses. Also allows them to ride their golf cart to places. Golfers can feel like they’re on the course from the comfort of your home. That is what basically virtual reality stands for, allowing you to go places without actually going there.

Sky Fighter : Training Day

Sky Fighter Training Day is a first free mission of the Sky Fighter game. Sky Fighter is a powerful and sophisticated combat armour similar to that of Iron Man, equipped with an air propulsion and powerful combat systems.

In the first free level, instructor teaches you to use various systems of the armour, it gives an amazing experience of being a super fighter similar to those in Marvel and DC worlds.

Many such games are upcoming for VR Platforms in 2017, with more enhanced gamer experience and in depth involvement on the users. Virtual Reality has revolutionised the gaming platform.

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Het Suthar

Het Suthar, is a Technology enthusiast, loves to check out new gadgets and apps. Currently pursuing Bachelors in Engineering.

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