Ultimate Flagship Phone: CADENZA




Turing Robotics recently announced its ultimate flagship phone named CADENZA. While looking over the specs at a first glance might give you shocks and you may think that we have arrived into the future, but Turing Robotics is going to launch the phone with the same specs nearly in September 2017.

So, be ready to get amused, the specs of the future of smartphones:

  • Turing Cadenza will be having a 5.8” screen size with a Quad HD display.
  • The phone will be powered by two snapdragon 830 chips (16 kryo cores). Though yet there is no  official announcement from snapdragon for a 830 chip, the company claims that it will use it.
  • The RAM will be of 12 GB, there will be 2 x 6GB chips.
  • The rear camera will be of 60 MP!!! Yes…its true, and it will be able to record in 6K. whereas there will be two front cameras of 20MP.
  • The storage section of the phone is also quiet gigantic, it will support upto 1TB of storage with 4 x 256 GB SD cards.
  • It will be having an allocation facility for 4 SIM cards as well (nano sim).
  • The phone’s power house will be running on three power sources simultaneously. These will include a 2400mAH graphene super capacitor battery + 1600 mAH li-ion battery and a hydrogen fuel cell.
  • The operating system running behind the beast will be a SWORD FISH OS based on Sailfish OS. The OS will work on the Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and will be having deep learning Artificial Intelligence. There will be a built in NLP (NaturalLanguage Processing). And the Voice enabled Biometric lock may also be seen.
  • The outer body is made up of liquid metal and Graphene Oxide which will be way more durable than any metal unibody phone present right now.
  • Moreover, it will be supporting a Gigabit (1Gbps) WiFi and will be having Marshall speakers for enhanced audio.

These are the specs which are most probable and may be seen in the phone. The phone is to be launched by Turing Robotics in September 2017, but lets see when this beast breaks the ground!!!




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