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Bluetooth Speaker

Just like chocolates boost the love hormones in our body, music provides a calming effect to the soul. Not much time ago, it required a serious chunk of bread to purchase a Bluetooth Speaker with good sound and versatile features. With the advancements in technology, portable Bluetooth Speakers are just like the talk of the town and everyone can afford them. For music lovers, it is nearly impossible to stay away from the soothing melodies for longer duration’s.

Do you like to have a speaker which can be thrown into the bag and taken anywhere you want? There is no need to pay handsome amounts for buying one; here is a list of some of the best Bluetooth Speakers which is right in your budgets. You do not have to compromise on the sound quality; some of the best portable Bluetooth Speakers are narrowed down here under the $100 price tag. Every speaker provides a great sound and gives you much more than just a speaker!

No.1 – Divoom Voombox Travel (Black):

Divoom-Voombox-Travel Bluetooth Speaker

The Divoom Voombox Travel is a portable rugged Bluetooth speaker which can be transported anywhere you want! Not only the device is shock resistant, but it is also splash proof. At first, you might think that the speaker appears to be heavy and solid because of its looks, but it’s only 9.6 ounces in weight. This is really awesome! You might get confused of its grenade-like appearance because it comes along with a carabiner which is hooked with a pin at the top, but it can be paired up with any other Bluetooth enabled device like the tablets or the smartphones.

There is a built-in speakerphone and the micro-USB charging cable which can be plugged into the USB port concealed under a rubber gasket. It can be charged through the PC or the smartphone. Though the device can distort a little at higher volumes, but it plays well on smooth surfaces. For travelers, the Divoom Voombox is a good budget choice if this small flaw is ignored!

No.2 JBL Clip (Black):

Bluetooth Speaker JBL Clip

A tiny Bluetooth speaker which offers more than its price, the JBL Clip (Black) is a compact device available in the hockey-puck size. The speaker utilizes a lithium ion rechargeable battery which provides a decent sound more than enough for its size. The device also has an integrated built-in cable which can be packed up in the bottom of the speaker. Incredibly, this speaker is having the speakerphone capabilities as well. Instead of having a closed loop at the top for attachment, the JBL speaker has a carabiner style clip at the top. The speakerphone functionality is superb! There is a call answer/end button on the side with the volume controls and the Bluetooth pairing button. The sound quality is pretty cool. You might hear some bass on heavy-bass tracks at extreme volumes; otherwise it is the best lightweight companion (32-pounds) for all kinds of smartphone devices. The cool chaining feature makes it possible to chain as many speaker devices together as you want. There is no doubt that this ready-to-wear speaker is highly travel-friendly at a much affordable price.

No.3 Logitech UE Roll Waterproof Speaker:

Logitech UE Roll Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

If you are in search of something which is light in weight and yet provides an extended battery life, then the UE Roll is the best option for a bluetooth speaker. It weighs around 11.6 ounces only and provides a battery life of 9 full length hours. The UE Roll is a perfect picture of value, portability and super sound quality. The disc-shaped design of this speaker is highly waterproof which makes it useable during swimming in the pool. The included floatation device permits the user to take it into the pool and make yourself the center of attention everywhere.

The compact speaker gives crisp sound and truly satisfying bass, which rings louder than its size. It comes along with a bungee cord and can be taken just anywhere. With an extended battery life which is ideal for long trips, this travel-ready speaker is great under the $100 price tag.

No.4 Cambridge SoundWorks Oontz Curve Bluetooth Speakers:

Oontz Curve Bluetooth Speaker

Finding a Bluetooth speaker on a relative bargain, the Cambridge SoundWorks Oontz Curve Bluetooth Speaker is the little bundle of joy for you! Launched by the Cambridge Company from the Oontz series, the speaker sports an extremely budgeted price which makes it a famous item among the music lovers. Why people prefer it mostly because it has got the real heft in it; means that it does not appear like a low-priced speaker at all! It depicts an ideal well-built design and weighs only 9 pounds. The bit shiny texture which is identical to the Darth Vader’s helmet makes it stand apart from other speakers. It has got an eye-catching look and is available in different metallic colors. On some tracks, especially those with bass frequencies, the speaker gives the music a harsh edge and can make the grave listeners squirm. Battery life is OK upto 5 hours and the sound quality is also good despite its tiny size. Apart from these shortcomings,

the Oontz Curve with its glossy finish and speakerphone capabilities offers much more to a true music lover on a tiny budget.

No.5 Grace Digital Ecoxgear Ecoxbt Bluetooth speaker:


Ecoxbt Bluetooth speaker

The best pool-friendly speaker, the Grace Digital Ecoxgear Bluetooth speaker is the one which is good for swimming pool lovers. It is small in size and designed to be outdoor-oriented with 10 hours of battery life from the incorporated rechargeable batteries. It can’t be designated as the world’s most attractive speaker in terms of design and features, but the waterproofing feature makes it highly suitable for outdoor purposes. It gives a decent quality sound in the small size and low price. It weighs around 1.58 pounds and can deliver a sturdy feel. The inner-side of the handles on either side is ribbed with small humps which makes it an easy-to-handle device. It can be picked up by a single or both hands because of its easy-to-carry design. There is a small carabiner which can be attached to a small strap on the backside of the speaker which can be further attached to the backpack or the belt loop, whatever your preference is! Though it may sound a little thin, but this go-to wireless speaker is just the right thing for the swimming pool parties, seaside picnics, bathrooms and other wet places.


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