Top 5 Apps you should check out this month

Hello friends, today I will be going through some top 5 apps that I think have proved to be most useful in many ways. These apps will be focused on Android, but may also be available on iOS as well as Windows. SO let’s get started

Top 5 Apps to use this Month

Well the list is not a long one.. Lets begin with the first one!

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinions Rewards is a survey app of Google. Here once you register with this app, Google will ask you to answer certain surveys, which once you have answered Google will provide you with Google Play Credits.

These Google Play credits can be used to buy apps / books / movies etc from the Google Play Store. Although you will have to wait for 2 – 3 weeks to be able to buy a good app, but it’s worth the wait!

To know more about Google Play Rewards >>EARN FREE GOOGLE PLAY CREDITS<<

top 5 apps - 1. Google opinion Rewards

2. Terribly Tiny Tails

If you are a fan of short stories and quotes, and you spend hours scrolling through such stories on Instagram or Facebook this app is just made for you! Terribly Tiny Tails is also known as “TTT”. As the name suggests, the App is full of Short short stories! Stories that will make you think what exactly the writer wants to convey!

No story is larger than 2 or 3 sentences but each story has a deep message to share with! This app could be a great source on entertainment and creativity for you! And maybe you will start spending more time on “TTT” than on other Apps. Give it a try now!

top 5 apps - 2. Terribly Tiny Tails


3. Quality Time

Do you ever feel that you have been spending a lot of time on your smartphone? It may have happened to you that you just open your phone to check the time and end up spending hours playing game or chatting to friends or just scrolling through social media pages!?

Well here’s a solution for you! As gadgets and mobiles have become an important part of our life, we end up spending most of the time in our Digital Life rather than Physical Life! This is when Quality Time comes to play.

Quality Time is an app that analyses and records all your phone activities and the amount of time you use an application. You can have a look at the total time you spent on your phone! Number of times you unlocked your device, and which application you used for how much time.

Other than this you can also set certain profiles, in which you can set time duration during which your access to phone will be restricted, if you happen to spend more than a certain time on an application you will be notified by the app and asked to stop!

Hence, overall this is a good App to control your Digital Diet! And make sure you don’t end up scrolling Instagram for an hour a night before your exams!

top 5 apps - 3. Quality Time

4. Notegraphy

Again! if you are a fan of Short Stories and Quotes, and you love making your own Quotes, we might have found something interesting for you!
Notegraphy app comes with various font styles and designs which add life to your Quotes, giving them a amazing professional look.

top 5 apps techbotinc

Once you write your Quote in it, you can choose from various Designs and Templates available and of course you can share it on various social media platforms and with your friends!

top 5 apps - 4. Notegraphy

5. Decision Crafting

Decision making is a very crucial task! You have to consider all the pros and cons from the different options available for you, to select and note the points that are important and matter the most! And the points that are not that important. Also it consumes a lot of time and energy.

Well now that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is taking over almost every expect of our life! Why not take help of it in making our decisions? Decision crafting app does the job for you. You just have to provide the app with Various Options available to you, the parameters based on which you want to make your decision, and which parameter matters how much. That’s it! Provide the data, and the data crunching algorithms of the app will find the most suitable options for you! As simple as that.

top 5 apps - 5. Decision Crafting

That’s it guys that was the list of top 5 apps that I highly recommend you people to use! Thank you for reading! Keep in touch for a new List of top 5 apps!


Het Suthar

Het Suthar, is a Technology enthusiast, loves to check out new gadgets and apps. Currently pursuing Bachelors in Engineering.

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