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Top 10 Tech Inventions that Completely Changed the World in 2017

Technology has extraordinarily changed the way we live in the present day. We stand far away from our forebears when it comes to use a range of technologies in our daily routines. There are several revolutionary tech inventions that are revealed in the last couple of years. Today, it is almost impossible to list every technology that has changed our lives.

While tech inventions keep changing time by time, it arrives with latest trends every year. In 2017, technology has brought many innovative ideas towards integration and automatic.

  1. top-10Reversing Paralysis

It’s a brain-reading technology that helps those individuals with paralysis move their limbs again. This technology uses an electronic implant to connect the brain to electrical stimulators found in the human body in order to create a neural bypass.

The good news is that this technology is also being assessed to work with other medical conditions and illnesses. Though the progress is seemingly slow, these advancements are anticipated to allow patients to get back the control of their bodies.

  1. Self-Driving Trucks

This is undeniably one of the most raved technologies of 2017. Many people are excited to determine if computers can drive better than humans with the advent of self-driving trucks.

A driverless truck will coordinate movement together over long distances to reduce wind drag and save on fuel. Also, it will be able to allow drivers to complete routes quicker by diving part of the road.


  1. Facial Recognition Technology

It may sound wired that you can get access to a building and make your financial transactions with your face. However, it’s really possible with the latest technology in which a large camera will take a photo of your face and allow you to do your required transaction.

The technology uses artificial intelligence in order to identify an individual through his/her multiple facial features. Facial recognition technology is being utilized in most Chinese financial institutions for secure financial transactions.

  1. The 360-Degree Selfie

It’s a commonly available 360-degree camera that allows everyone to shoot video clips with it. It helps viewers visualize stories and events. With energy-efficient chips, these cameras can generate more heat and horsepower. You can connect them to apps wirelessly in addition to take live-streaming 360-degree images.


  1. Hot Solar Cells

This technology has an absorber emitter that absorbs sunlight and converts it to heat and then shifts it to solar cells. With this system, you can store energy to be used on a later stage. Many experts believe that hot solar cells will be able to deliver nonstop power even when the sun is not shining.


  1. Gene Therapy 2.0

Gene therapy is a revolutionary idea of delivering healthy genes into those who need them to deal with their ailments. This technology is widely being used in different countries of Europe to treat hereditary diseases. The best part of Gene therapy is that it can also be used to heal ailments involve multiple genes.

  1. Reinforcement Learning

The idea of reinforcement learning works with a big neural network expert in recognizing patterns in data. This technology helps computers differentiate between right and wrong data in addition to let it continuously improve itself. There is a strong likelihood of reinforcement technology to be tested for self-driving cars. Also, it can help robots solve problems that they haven’t seen before.


  1. The 3D Printed Car

This technology is an excellent invention for vehicle manufacturers as it allows people design and create 3D car plan and construct a car with just 40 parts. Provided that the car design has everything rationalized thus it allows an economical and time-saving method of car designing.


  1. The Water Mill

It refers to revolutionary machines that turn air into fresh and purified water. The water generated through these machines is drinkable and can be used without even boiling it.

The water mil has been established to work well when the atmospheric air gets flooded. In other words, they utilize the time when there’s ample of water available in the air and can be captured for human usage.

  1. Blockchain

Blockchain is a ground-breaking technology that is meant to serve financial and non-financial transactions. Also known as Distributed Ledger Technology, this refers to one of the mystifying ideas that could only be fully understood by technologists.

It has a range of advancements that have helped both people and businesses after its invention in 2016. This year, Blockchain has come with more features that are handy for finance and banking industries and even beyond them.


Martin Sumichrast

I am Martin Sumichrast, CEO of Level Brands Inc. I have been a seasoned entrepreneur in my entire career. I have co-authored multiple books and also worked for some big magazines like and Seeking Alpha. Currently, I am working as a part time blogger for Elegant Media that provides App development in Australia.

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