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Top 10 Computer Tips for new PC Users

Below are some of the best computer tips that new computer users may want to heed, as such information could forestall any future calamities.

Backup Important Data

Your hard drive can fail at any moment, without any forewarning. When this unfortunate moment does occur, you may very well lose all your documents, music and video files, which you may or may not be able to recover. Thus, it’s crucial that you are regularly backing up your data, as a countermeasure to any unfortunate circumstances.

Get an Antivirus Scanner

If you intend on surfing the web on your computer, then you must have an antivirus program installed and running on your computer. Take the time to find the best possible solution. A virus infection is capable of damaging applications and in more severe situations hardware components. Thus, it’s not worth to risk your confidential data, which is why you should have an antivirus program on your system. Free antivirus tools tend to work competently; however, it’s always best to go with a paid solution, as they typically offer better overall protection.

Use All Your Mouse Buttons

Most new users, tend to use only the left mouse button. Don’t be that user; make sure you are using your mouse to its full potential, by using the right mouse button also.

Through the use of the right mouse button, it’s possible for you to copy and cut portions of text to different programs.

The mouse wheel is another button that many people fail to utilize correctly. Most users tend to use the wheel exclusively for scrolling up and down a page, but they fail to realize that the wheel can also be used as a third button, by pressing down on it. Some more advanced mice also allow you to push the wheel button left and right to perform additional functions.

Lastly, you’ll also find many computer mice with side buttons or thumb buttons. These buttons can typically be programmed to carry out some different roles, so keep that in mind.

Keep Updated

Make sure you are regularly updating your computer. This is a chore that is often ignored. Updating includes installing the latest Windows updates and virus definitions for your antivirus tool, both of which are equally as important. Windows updates, usually come in the form of patches and security updates that help to keep your system secure. These updates are designed to remove vulnerabilities in the operating system that computer hackers have found and are now exploiting.

These updates are there for the benefit of your computer system, and not to keep tabs on the things you do on it. Updating your virus definitions is also a vital task. New viruses are created every day, and you want your virus scanner to be able to locate and remove them. Regular updates are the only way it can do that.

Use Shortcut Keys

Your keyboard has some shortcut keys on it that you may want to familiarize yourself with. Knowing all these shortcuts can increase system productivity while enhancing your overall computer experience.

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Computer tips to Maintain Your System

Carry out research on how to properly maintain a computer, and then devise a schedule around it. There are some things that you can do to maintain the optimal performance of your computer. There is also free maintenance tools that you might want to check out, as they tend to make the whole process that much easier.

Use Help Files

Every program that you use on your computer has its help files that you can typically access by pressing the F1 key. These programs are also known to have online help sources, which you can also use. If you’re unable to find the answer to your situation using the help files, then you should consider searching the internet, carrying out your independent research.

Familiarize Yourself with Free Tools

It’s also a good thing if you’re aware of all the free alternatives to the popular commercial programs out there. For example, a word processor is a must for every computer system. Thus, instead of using Microsoft Office, which can cost a considerable amount of money, you could try the free alternative Open Office, which is just as capable.

Take Computer Lessons

Consider taking a basic computer course. Knowing the basics will help prevent you from doing something on your computer that you shouldn’t. Basic knowledge is also useful when it comes to fixing simple problems on your computer. Computer technicians are known for charging a hefty sum to repair your system, irrespective of the current problem. Thus, you could save money by fixing the easier issues by yourself.

Uninstall Trial Programs

Consider removing all the trial and unused applications from your computer. Through the use of Add or Remove programs, it’s possible for you to carry out this task relatively simple.

Many of these trial programs tend to be very limited, serving no real purpose until you’ve purchased the software. So that may be something you’ll want to consider, acquiring the software that you need, and uninstalling those that you do not.

We will be posting tips for new mobile users soon. Till then take a look here to choose your mobiles smartly.

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