The all-powerful Apple has celebrated the first day of its WWDC developer conference this Monday and that always means great news.

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In case you have been caught off guard or just want to review the most important of the day, then you can read the highlights in seven keynotes.

1.) iPad Pro

The size of the screen of the new Apple iPad Pro model is a manageable 10.5 inches. It is therefore 20% larger than the previous version of 9.7 “but still does not exceed 500 grams. It even comes with a headset port !!

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2.) MacBook

Apple has wanted to make a small refreshment in its MacBook line and has announced the arrival of Intel’s 7th generation Kaby Lake to its range (including Pro, of course).Specifically, laptops will now come equipped with the new i7 with speeds ranging from 1.3 GHz to 3.6 GHz and almost doubles in price.

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3.) macOS High Sierra

Apple announced a new version of the operating system. “80%” – This percentage reflects how much faster Safari will be compared to the popular Chrome browser when it runs on the new desktop operating system and named macOS High Sierra. This new version, of course, has many other qualities.

4.) iMac Pro

There’s a new iMac Pro as well, with a 5K display. This desktop monster boasts 18-core Xeon processor, comes with Radeon Pro Vega graphics with 11 teraflops (can reach double), and already hangs the band of the most beast team ever presented by the house. Crazy ! Here you will know much more.

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6.) HomePod Speaker

Apple has opened a new business with HomePod, its intelligent speaker with Siri, especially focused on great music lovers. Its price does not exceed 349 dollars. For Christmas it will only be available in USA, UK and Australia. The rest will have to wait until next year.

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7.) iOS 11

Neither more nor less than the version of iOS that Apple has presented this Monday. The WWDC primarily involves software and Apple’s mobile operating system one of its most important topics. There are many new features that will bring iOS 11 at different level – you have them all here and the wonders that you can get to do if you have an iPad. iOS is becoming more mature and your productivity is your obsession.

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