Systweak Android Cleaner : Ultimate Phone Optimization Tool?

Phones just like Computer systems have many processes running inside them, some processes are useful like our applications, but along with these processes there are many other background processes which are unnecessary and all they do is eat your device’s battery and slow down your phone. Phone Optimization application is a software that optimizes your android device by killing background applications, removing junk files and boosting your RAM, and in turn increase your phones performance and battery life! Today, we have Systweak Android Cleaner, which is a similar kind of application, that optimizes your device. So, let us discuss in what ways is this application useful to your device and what are its Good/Bad features compared to equivalent applications available in the market. systweak android cleaner techbotinc review


So how does Systweak Android Cleaner optimize your android device? For starters, it is a phone optimization application, so it includes various functions related to cleaning junk files, phone boost, game speedup and more. The most important thing that a optimization application should have is killing the background processes also known as freeing the RAM, and that is done very well by this app. Everyone has different requirements and different needs, a feature which is good for me! Might not be much helpful to someone else!? So, here’s a list of things that we think is The Good part and what is The Bad part.

The Good

Small File Size

First thing that you will notice when installing Systweak Android Cleaner is that the download file size is small compared to other optimisation apps(about 6 MB). And it takes about 10MB of system space after installation. Which is a good thing! As it won’t take up much space on your device, and save you the pain of spending hours selecting between apps to uninstall. And you can easily move it to your SD Card in case you are running low on phone/system storage! According to us why is it an important feature? Because you cannot afford uninstalling an Optimization application when your device needs it the most (System storage running low!). systweak android cleaner techbotinc review

No Ads

One of the most annoying things of any application is the Advertisements that pops up in between and even on lock screens! While with Systweak Android Cleaner the case is different! Developers have mainly focused on increasing the performance of your device, and Ads were a hindrance, in fact they have always been a hindrance, to most efficient functioning. So, Systweak got rid of those annoying Ads, just like Apple did of Head Phone Jack.

Simple to Use : One Tap Functions

As discussed earlier, there are many unused background processes and Junk files, that slow down your device, and it is a very tedious task to manually kill those processes or manually delete those files! And that is why we use Optimizing Apps, let it do the task for you! Systweak Android Cleaner, provides us with 5 main options + 2 statistic bars on the Home screen as follows:

    1. Phone Boost

      This feature frees up used RAM of your device, by killing various unused background processes and keeps your open applications unaffected. So you do not have to worry about losing your unsaved data! optimization is about running your device as good as that, but with multiple apps running in background! And Systweak Android Cleaner dose that task amazingly well! Phone Boost can also be added as a widget on the home screen of your device. systweak android cleaner techbotinc review

    2. Junk Files

      The Junk Files, feature scans through your device memory and lets you know which files are taking up space on your device and can be remove without causing any harm to your system files. systweak android cleaner techbotinc review

    3. Game SpeedUp

      Of course your gaming experience matters the most while talking about a phone optimizer, with Systweak Android Cleaner Game SpeedUp smooth and easy gameplay is just a tap away! systweak android cleaner techbotinc review

  1. File Manager

    File Manager, is of importance on deivces that do nat have one like the Motorola devices. It is really efficient, sorts your files according to thier categories making it easy for you to find them and also share directly from the file manager.

  2. App Manager

    This is just an extra feature, you might not use to the most! It lists all installed aplications and allows you to backup/install/uninstall them.

  3. Storage Used

    It is a statictics bar, it shows you the Total used memory from the Total installed memory (internal + external).

  4. RAM %(percentage) USED

    It shows you the total %RAM used by different applications and processes running in your device (stats for nerds).

 Auto Cleaning

One of the most impressive things that we found about Systweak Android Cleaner is that, the application doesn’t run in the background like other applications in the market that always stay in your notification bar, annoying you! While Systweak Android Cleaner, doesn’t remain always open on your device! Instead it provides you a facility called Auto Cleaning. It is similar to an Alarm, you can set it on various time differences like 2 hours/4 hours/.. and so on. So, it will automatically clean your device and notify you that your device is optimized! That is what makes Systweak different from others. This baby fires up only when you want it to!! systweak android cleaner techbotinc review

Battery Saver

Although now a days, every device has built in battery saver. This could work well for devices running on or below KitKat Operating System. With this battery saver on, we could get about 1-2 extra hours on our phones – Lenovo A6000 (Android 4.4.4), RedMi 1S (Android 4.4.4). Now, coming to the second part! of our review! The Bad part!

The Bad

Every application has some pros and some cons! Nothing can ever be perfect! So here’s what we think that didn’t fit to our usage.

  1. The Game SpeedUp : You need to add games manually in the games list of the app, whereas that is done automatically in many other optimization applications. And automating the painful tasks is the most basic important feature of any app.
  2. It, cannot save you from viruses, yes it is a phone optimizer, not an antivirus application.
  3. Umm.. we didn’t find any! maybe you can find any and let us know?! in the comment section below!


Overall, Systweak Android Cleaner is user friendly app. That optimizes your device, and keeps it running just like it used to run when it was new! And it is available for free on the Google Play Store. Get it on Google Play

Het Suthar

Het Suthar, is a Technology enthusiast, loves to check out new gadgets and apps. Currently pursuing Bachelors in Engineering.

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