Super Mario Run : Arriving soon for Android

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After about three months of its launch on iOS devices, Nintendo has now announced that Super Mario Run will finally be available worldwide for Android mobiles on 23rd March, Thursday.

Nintendo confirmed the launch dates by tweeting about it on Nintendo of America’s twitter account. They also confirmed that the game will receive a version 2.0.0 update on iOS and Android. This update will add new playable characters to the game.

Super Mario Run is a new version of the hit classic Super Mario. This game allows the player to control the most famous character Mario, in an endless run. Player has to keep Mario alive and running in different 2D worlds and collect stars (points) to clear a level. They have tried to make the game play feel similar to the classic Super Mario along with the villains.

Since it was first release in December only for iOS devices still it was downloaded 78 million times between its launch and the end of January 2017. Now it is going to be available world-wide on both platforms (iOS & Android). You can pre-register yourself for the game at the Google Play Store, so you will get an alert when Super Mario Run is available to download.

Along with the Super Mario Run, Nintendo has also announced that it will be launching mobile version of one of it’s most popular Console games called “Animal Crossing”, sometime after April 2017. Although it resisted initially in launching smartphone games, company has said it will try to launch two to three new smartphone games every year.

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