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Spotify disables pirated APK that granted free access to Premium tier

Now-a-days, piracy of paid apps and services is an actuality and likely to remain at an all-time-high. In deed, the difficulty level of swashbuckling an app is not as high as you’d think. In order to take over the pirated apps, spotify comes in handy. Especially its easy on Android as it merely just finds a modified version of the official app and using your free account it logs in,the alteration would trick the system into deliberating that the account is a premium one.

Plagiarizing the premium services by its user doesn’t really come up as  news to spotify. As a matter of fact, the company has been noted for a while, but made no actions until recently when  users began receiving emails saying that there has been a detection of “abnormal activity” on the app they were using and reassured the safety of their accounts.

Spotify even anvils account suspension or termination as it prefers lenience over extreme. The email recommends the users to download  the premium/official version of the app and to uninstall any side-loaded version of the app.


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