Singing a song? Can’t Remember the Name? .. Midomi !

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What is Midomi?

Midomi is the most powerful music search engine ever! Why?? Because it uses your voice! Unlike other music search engines such as shazam which uses the original sound track to search for the song! Here things are little different..


How to Use it?

Its really simple! got to .. Midomi website, remember you need flash player installed on your device to run this web app, now ..

Step 1 :


Step 2 :

Sing the song! 😛

midomi -2


Step 3 : There is no step 3!

The Mobile App

Some amazing features available on the Mobile App :

The mobile app is called Sound Hound.. it supports handsfree activation just like..

“Ok Google” .. “Hey Siri” .. “Hey Cortana” .. now .. “Hey Hound” ..

that sounds a little bit odd! But its amazing to use!  Let us know which song did you find today? In the comment section below..

Download the App

Play Store (Android)

App Store (iOS)

Store (Windows)

BlackBerry World

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