How to Set-Up Oracle SQL Database in your PC Step by Step(Photos)

Step : 1

SQL Database Setup

Download Ocacle Express Edition installer by Simply press on download.

Step : 2

SQL Database Setup

Extract the ZIP file then open the extracted installer.

Step : 3

SQL Database Setup

Then RUN the setup file.

Step : 4

Screenshot (344)

Step : 5

Screenshot (347)

Accept the terms and click on next.

Step : 6

Screenshot (349)

Then If you want to change the installation file location press on Browse other wise stay it’s default.

Step : 7


Screenshot (353)

Then Enter the Password for SYSTEM database account(Remember it ☺) and press on Next.

Step : 8

Screenshot (354)

Screenshot (355)

Step : 9

Screenshot (357)

Step : 10

Screenshot (375)

Now open the Oracle Express Edition administration from the Desktop icon.


Sometime you get the error like this

Screenshot (374)


Simple click on


Step : 11

Screenshot (359)

Step : 12

Screenshot (360)

User Name : SYSTEM & Password : (From Step 7) then click on Login.

Step : 13

Screenshot (363)

Fill Up all information then press on Create Work-space.

Step : 14

Screenshot (370)

After created work-space Click on Click Here.

Step : 15

Screenshot (371)

Then Enter the required information from step 13.

Screenshot (373)

Then Do ____ YOU want to do.

For Chest sheet of SQL Code, Examples & Syntax Comment your E-mail Address. 


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