Seagate 10TB desktop hard drive launched


Today Seagate has announced the first ever 10TB drive for consumers.All of that capacity is packed in what looks like your run of the mill 3.5-inch SATA HDD. Following the company’s most recent naming convention, the drive’s model designation is ST10000DM0004. It’s a 7,200 rpm unit, no ‘eco’ or ‘green’ labels here. It’s branded BarraCuda Pro (and for some reason Seagate decided that “c” in Barracuda needed to be capitalized).


By this point you have surely figured out what the massive caveat is with this drive. Yes, the price. The 10TB BarraCuda Pro costs $535. That’s tough to swallow considering that you can buy two 5TB Seagate drives for around $380 at the moment – adding up to the same capacity but saving a lot of dough in the process. Then again, if you only have one free drive bay, the 10TB novelty could be your only choice.



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