Samsung Takes Android Pretty Seriously

From lasts few week there been a rumored about Samsung is bringing Oreo to the Galaxy S6. This makes us think.

They used to be the worst OEM about updates. NOW?

let’s compare them to OnePlus, the manufacturer that’s always mentioned positively with updates. The OnePlus 2 was launched 3 moths after the Galaxy 6, It’s Latest Update? Marshmallow, That’s it.

Just remember, the galaxy S6 is 4 months shy of being 3 years old. It launched with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and it’s getting Android 8.0 (Oreo), 4 major Android versions.

If you asked me a year ago whether I would recommend OnePlus or Samsung, I’d have looked down to my OnePlus 3 and I would have recommended it. Now? I’m not sure.

The Oreo update for the S8 is about to be released, which is quick, Samsung Experience is way better than the slow and laggy TouchWiz ever was and their camera is still really good. Because the prices drop quickly they are quite an affordable choice too, if you are not an extreme early adopter.

Props to Samsung for also supporting their older flagship and not just dropping support as soon as their latest Model launches!

And there are some people that compare Apple and Android which is good, but Android always one step ahead in features.

Also Apple know for there customer support, here some analytics on Apple Updates. iPhone 5S released on September 2013 with iOS 7.0. Still got the latest update of iOS 11 in 2017. And iPhone 5 which released September 2012 with iOS 6.0. and got the latest update of iOS 10.3.3 in July 2017. So clear that Apple Support max 4 Years of updates.


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