Samsung Galaxy Note FE already selling like hot cakes

Galaxy Note FE launched recently on 7th of July. Global media expected the fan version to be a risky move for Samsung. As it turns out really good for Samsung, Galaxy Note FE became the fastest selling refurbished smartphone ever technically.

Samsung sold 400,000 units in three days according to sources but we cannot confirm it yet. Daily activation is increased by 60 percent as a result of Note FE. As a result, we can say that the Note FE is selling like hot cakes in South Korea.

Early figures show that Blue Coral and Onyx Black are the most successful variants of Galaxy Note FE. The Galaxy Note FE is out of stock in South Korea. No other units are to be made available in the country as there are plans for selling it overseas. Galaxy Note FE is priced at $610 in South Korea.

As we can see from the numbers, customers are really enthusiast when it comes to tech nowadays. We will keep you updated for more news of Galaxy Note FE.

Till then, Stay tuned and don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel.


Dhrumik Sharma

Dhrumik Sharma, is a gadget savvy who loves to review new gadgets and geekiness is his passion | Tech enthusiast | Geek | Smartphone lover.

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