Samsung made a 34 feet giant LED screen for theatres

Samsung is currently the market leader in displays. Samsung is leading the OLED market with 98 percent market share. The tech giant has finally unveiled the giant 34 feet (not inches) LED screen specifically for theaters.

This is the world’s first and largest commercial theater sized LED screen. And is also the world’s largest. Samsung  has installed the first ever commerical Cinema LED display at the Lotte Cinema World Tower in South Korea.

theatreIt is designed with HDR compatible 4k display. The company says that the Cinema LED Screen creates a more vibrant viewing experience courtesy of its next-generation picture quality and enhanced audio which is the result of a collaboration between Harman Professional Solutions and Samsung Audio Lab.

theaterThe Cinema LED display from Samsung stretches almost 10.3 or 33.8ft wide and can adopt a variety of theater configurations. It brings High Dynamic Range support to the big screen at 4K resolution and peak brightness levels of 146fL (almost 10 times greater than current projectors).

Samsung has paired the experience with JBL from HARMAN (a Samsung company) to maximize the experience.

What do you think about this screen? Would it replace the current theater screens around the globe.


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