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Samsung launched the much awaited flagship of the year Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ on 29th of March this year. The phone will be coming with a lot of new power packed features, such as the bezel less curved display, Snapdragon 835 and much more, but one such groung breaking revolution by samsung will be the Samsung Bixby. Bixby is Samsung’s new assistant. S-voice is now gone and all the flagship devices after the Galaxy S8 will be featuring Samsung Bixby.

Is it really a Virtual Assistant ?

We are more acquantious with Siri, Cortana and now the Google Assistant. But Samsung Bixby does not exactly fall in the same genre of artificial intelligence featured by these virtual assistants.

Bixby is a bit different. You can control entire device using TOUCH, VOICE or TEXT, Bixby does it for you. Siri and Google assistant does not provide in app functionality, where as Bixby is designed to provide users, an in app functionality. Eg. you can tell bixby to shuffle the song, increase the volume or to change the playlist just by voice commands and bixby does it effectively.


More over, as Galaxy S8 will be having Android 7.0, it will also be having the support for Google Assistant along with Bixby. The Bixby feature can be activated just by press of a button. Yes, Samsung has provided a dedicated button just to activate Bixby.

Currently it is pretty functional with some 10 of Samsung’s own apps, Google’s apps and some of the 3rd party apps. In near future, many apps will be including the features for Bixby. But it will take time. Samsung claims to have it integrated with shopping apps, virtual reality apps and much more. But according to the track record it seems like users are not happy with samsung’s inbuilt apps, thus Bixby will only be successful if 3rd party apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Evernote and many more big heads provide support features for Bixby, or else it will be useless.

Thus will bixby receive support features from 3rd party apps or will we see another assistanf in the line of Microsoft’s Cortana on windows phones which received a poor response, Only time will tell. Bixby seems a lot better than Cortana.


Samsung has also acquired Viv Labs which are the creators of Viv artificial intelligence and the brains behind Apple Siri. Viv is undoubtedly the best artificial intelligence software till date and samsung is going to add it directly in the upcoming phones or will it combine the power and functionality of Viv and make Bixby more versatile and stronger.

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