Qualcomm launches fingerprint scanners that work through Metal and Glass

Fingerprint scanners are now mandatory for smartphones. Apple and Samsung are trying to develop fingerprint scanner embedded into the display.

In the race of in-screen fingerprint scanning technology, Qualcomm recently made a break through. Qualcomm, at MWC Shanghai launched fingerprint scanners based on ultrasonic technology. Vivo demonstrated this fingerprint scanner in their prototype phone at MWC Shanghai.

Qualcomm also stated that these ultrasonic chips are the first commercial chips that can read heart beat and blood flow. These ultrasonic fingerprint sensors are capable of scanning through OLED display panel upto 1200 micrometres. 525 micrometers for aluminium and 800 micrometres for glass cover.

These fingerprint sensors are compatible with Snapdragon series 600. It will be available in smarphones from early 2018.

This sensors are an achievement in the mobile security and biometrics. Many companies are trying hard to get this technology right. This fingerprint scanner can be used for metal backs, glass backs or into the display. This fingerprint scanner works underwater too. According to Qualcomm, it can detect the heartbeats and blood flow of the person.

Goodix announced scanners working under AMOLED displays at MWC 2017, Barcelona. They did not give further information on when the companies will get it. Apple is also struggling to make this possible on their new iPhone 8.

qualcomm fingerprint under display, glass , metalQualcomm announced that these fingerprint sensors are available for companies right now. So that companies can use them in their new smartphones. While the sensors for under the display will be given to the companies in the 4th quarter of this year.

As a result, we can say that 2017 is a year of revolution.

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