PhotoScan by Google : Turn your phone into a scanner


Before there were smartphones and digital cameras we all used to take photos and get them printed on actual papers! We all have those childhood photos with our siblings, or pictures of parents, first birthday, or you with that unforgettable hairstyle of yours!

We all have albums and boxes of those old photographs, but we don’t have time to get them digitized. Buying a scanner is a bit costly and also time consuming task to do, and if you try taking photo of a photo you end up unclear/curved edges and reflected lights (glare).

So, people at Google Photos created a better way of dealing with these photos of yours, which makes you able to store them forever with you. PhotoScan is a brand new standalone app from Google Photos that will allow you easily scan any photo from anywhere, for free..”Photos from the past, meet scanner from the future”. It is available to download on Android and iOS.

PhotoScan : High Resolution Digital Copy in Seconds

PhotoScan gives you high resolution digital copies in seconds : it detects edges, straightens the image, rotates it to the correct orientation, and removes glare. Scanned photos can be saved in one tap to Google Photos to be organized, searchable, shared, and safely backed up at high quality for free.

See how it works, what this application actually does..

PhotoScan : Editing Options

After such a long time, your photos might need a little bit of retouching. Or you might even want to edit a selfie from the morning, getting the right look is always important. And with a lots of editing tools available its always confusing where to start. PhotoScan with Google Photos again makes it simple.

The latest update to Google Photos, adds more effects and options to edit photos, just open a photo you want to edit and tap on the pencil icon to start editing. First, for auto enhance, just select Auto, and see instant enhancements a pro editor might make – like balancing exposure and saturation to bring out the details.


Second, there are 12 new unique looks added to the editor. The style makes changes according to the photo’s brightness, darkness, warmth or saturation before applying a look. All these uses machine intelligence to complement the content of your photo, and choosing one is just a matter of taste.


Third, the advanced editing controls for Light and Color allow you to fine tune your photos, including highlights, shadows, and warmth. Deep Blue is particularly good for images of sea and sky where the color blue is the focal point.

The Google Photos app with the new photo editor will begin rolling out today across Android, iOS and the web. Just in time for your next set of holiday memories.


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