The OPPO, VIVO and GIONEE Selfie fad

Selfie!!! The latest fad among the people of India. The smartphone market in India was driven by some quality factors, two to three years ago, the companies dominating the mid-range smartphone market were Xiaomi, Samsung, Lenovo and many more. But in the past 2-3 years a sudden change has been seen in the market share and market dominance in the smartphone sector. The companies almost seeming to be a toddler in this sector are now driving the industry on their fingertips giving a tough competition to the established brands. And all the credit goes to exemplary marketing strategies.

These companies which gained a sudden exposure in the market are Oppo, Vivo and Gionee. All these companies were existing in the Indian smartphone market since past 5-6 years, but the market dominance can be seen from last 1-2 years. They hit the right chords of the common man of the country who doesn’t understand much about technology and doesn’t care that what is the processor driving the phone or what is the amount of RAM, the chipset. They just improvised the product quality in one single direction that is the secondary camera… THE SELFIE CAMERA!!!

Let’s just take a look at the so called FLAGSHIP phone claimed by these companies.


1.      VIVO V5s


After looking over these images, what we can notice is that the company is only focusing on the selfie camera. The so called MOONLIGHT FLASH. Which is nothing but a front facing 20 MP camera with a front flash.

The fun fact is that they don’t want to show us where the phone is lagging behind. The processor used in this phone is a Mediatek MT6750. But instead of showing the name of the chipset, they are showing that the phone has an octa-core processor. This is how these brands are fooling the people. Moreover the screen resolution is merely 720p in the times when other companies are giving at least a 1080p screen and sometimes a QHD screen for a bit more price. What surprizes us is that despite of the poor hardware and the software of phone with a good SELFIE CAMERA, the price of this phone is INR 18990. Which is just baseless. Think twice before spending your hard earned money for such a poor device.


2.      OPPO F1s


Same as Vivo, Oppo F1s is the prime phone of the company. This device is also marketed on the name of a selfie phone. The processor is same MTK6750 with just 3 GB of RAM and a whopping price of INR 17500. The skin running over android is the Color OS developed by Oppo, which looks like a clone of iOS running over android 6.0 and seems to be limiting the functionality of the phone.


3.      GIONEE A1

This one is a new contender in the selfie race along with oppo and vivo. Gionee also recently changed its marketing and branding as a selfie phone. They started the SELFIESTAN movement “County of selfie taking people”. I mean seriously, the people have many other tasks than taking selfies all day.

Moreover, you might not be knowing that the OPPO and VIVO are portraying themselves as rival brands in the market but on the other side, both the brands are sister brands. Means that they belong to the same parent organization based in China named as BBK electronics. Whatever you buy, vivo or oppo, the profit goes to BBK electronics.

Coming over to the marketing of these companies. The brands dominate the offline market because the shop owners are paid a relatively high amount of commission on the sale of these phones, moreover, they are given travel packages and other gifts and perks on more sale targets. Thus as a result the mobile shops today might have only two hoardings. VIVO or OPPO. The advertisement boards are either GREEN (oppo) or BLUE (vivo).



The price which you are paying for these phones doesn’t bring you the features or the quality which you are paying for. These phones are not Value for money. Some of the hardware is good like camera, but the phone lags behind in terms of the processing power, screen resolution and RAM allotment. Thus think twice before buying these phones and spending your hard earned money behind them. Don’t go on with the advice of shop owners because they tend to fool the people for their own profits.

May the SELFIE fad come to an end… PEACE !!!


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