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The one question that nobody has asked.

What is OK short for? Who will get the iron throne? Was Hitler an alien? What is a hiccup? Does chewing gum really stay inside you for years? Was Sherlock Holmes real?

Ranging form sluggish, moronic and absurd to the rational, logical and most intellectual questions, Google has been asked with all kinds of queries. But probably the most perplexing question has never been dug up from the folds of our thoughts.

What is there in the space between the nucleus and the electrons?

We all know how any thing is made up of matter and that matter is made up of atoms, which in turn, are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. But what is there in between the revolving electrons and their oppositely changed counterparts? Well, here we have some of the plenty possibilities that might find their place in this underrated space.

1.) Nothing!

Yes, nothing. Absolutely nothing at all. We know that the matter is made up of atoms and that protons, neutrons and electrons are the fundamental particles of nature. It means there is nothing in between them. There is nothing ; just empty space. Vacuum.

And if we consider this theory to be correct, it means that almost 99.99% of matter is made up of vacuum.

2.) Phantom particles:-

Phantom particles, for most of us, are unheard of. They are quite simple things — particle-antiparticle pairs.

There are many physicists who believe vacuum not to be simply empty. A vacuum still has vacuum energy’ which is a field of its own. This energy is borrowed by particle and anti-particles to come into existence, which is followed by complete annihilation.

That is why, under examination, nothing is observed when vacuum is considered.

This is a theory having much potential and supported by Sheldon Cooper himself (The String Theory). But the string theory itself has not been proven yet, so who knows!

3.) Electron clouds and energy fields:-

The structure of an atom is not exactly how the planets revolve around the sun. The electrons have their  own spins and wavefunctions. So, if we look at an atom from the quantum physics point of view, it would be something like this.

   Their is no certain path for an electron but probability regions where the electron might be which is called electron cloud.

Also the electrons and the nucleus are constantly interacting by exchanging photons or heavy gauge bosons. Thus, it may be assumed that the space between the electrical and the nucleus is filled with these quanta carrying forces.

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