NVIDIA Gamer Connect comes to Ahmedabad

NVIDIA Gamer Connect is coming to Ahmedabad for the first time ever in a Large Format! To provide the gamers an experience they would never forget!

NVIDIA is well known among the gaming community for its high end GPU’s and also it’s work in the field of AI! For gamers NVIDIA is like the SuperMan of Graphic Cards!

NVIDIA loves the gaming community as equally as the Gaming Community loves NVIDIA! And that is why every year NVIDIA Conducts an Gaming event (called “NVIDIA Gamer Connect” ) in various parts of the Country, and this time! It’s going to come to Ahmedabad! Yes, NVIDIA Gamer Connect is coming to Ahmedabad.


What is Gamer Connect?

It brings up a big platform for all the Gamers to meet and know each other! And also gives them an opportunity to experience the latest and greatest of NVIDIA! They have partnered with various companies such as LG, Dell, Zotac & HyperX to showcase the very best of their technologies at Ahmedabad Gamer Connect event.

nvidia gamer connect ahmedabad

The company started out with the first event of this year at Kolkata held on 16th April 2017, here have a look at short video of the event!


Gamers will be able to experience best technologies in Gaming Like 4K, High Fidelity VR & Showcase of one of the most anticipated games of the year, Tekken 7. Along with these, gamers will be able to participate in many Mini e-sport tournaments, Quiz competitions & win lots of Giveaways!

It is going to be a never forgettable experience! So what are you waiting for? If you love gaming even a little bit! NVIDIA Gamer Connect : Ahmedabad is the place for you! Find the event details below! Confirm your seats, and strap in tight – it is going to be a fun ride!

Venue :

Date and Time :

25th June 2017 , 9:00 AM

Here’s the registration link to confirm your place in the Ahmedabad Gamer Connect! >>Register Here!<<


Het Suthar

Het Suthar, is a Technology enthusiast, loves to check out new gadgets and apps. Currently pursuing Bachelors in Engineering.

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