‘Note 7 Return Kit’ provided to customers by Samsung


We know that Samsung has officially stopped production of Galaxy Note 7.

The company is advising that all Note 7 users power down their units and return them immediately, and according to Mario Serrafero from XDA-Developers, Samsung is sending out thermally-insulated boxes and safety gloves for those returning their Note 7 devices.


return kit

The package comes with a few different boxes. As you can see from the instructions, the powered off device first goes into the shielding bag, which is placed into the OEM replacement box. The replacement box goes into the inner box, which then goes into the final box with the shipping label. As Samsung warns, the box is meant only for ground shipping. The Return Kit also comes with safety gloves since “some individuals might be sensitive to the ceramic fiber paper lining the Recovery Box.”

You can check out the video below for more details.

When Samsung announced the iris-scanning phablet back in August, we were extremely impressed. In fact, we were sure that the Note7 was one of the best – if not the best – smartphones that Samsung has ever created. Well, that impression did not last too long. Samsung has now discontinued the Galaxy Note7, swallowing a $17 billion loss. And with that, what was thought to be the best Note device ever is no more.



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