Gear VR rumored to have high pixel density of 2000ppi

nect-gen gear vr

Samsung has been aggressive over the past few years when it comes to Gear VR.

Samsung has released several Gear VR headsets. And no doubt they are awesome. The experience is fluid. But the main thing, they are dependent VR headsets where you have to insert your smartphone inside the VR headset.

It is believed that Samsung is going to break the tradition by opting for a display inside the VR. And that is where everything gets interesting. The next-gen VR will be a standalone headset. This device will feature its own display with OLED technology. And the great thing about it is going to have whopping 2000 pixels per inch. This will help alleviate feelings of dizziness and nausea while wearing VR. Samsung is adamant that once we go past 1000 ppi, Problems of nausea fade away.

Samsung has declined to say anything about the next-gen VR. The main competitors of Gear VR i.e. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will left in dust when it comes to Pixel Density.


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