MoveIt for Android : An easy way to transfer media to sd card

The most common problem of smartphone users is “less storage”.

We are busy downloading images, videos and music files and then that depressing popup shows up on our screen. So to free up some space, we have to search which files to delete or to move it to the sd card. Freeing up the space is an arduous job. Using MoveIt, you can transfer your Images, Videos and Audios to SD Card and vice versa effortlessly.

moveitMoveIt has a great user interface with all the functionalities on the main page itself. It has some really good features besides transferring media contents such as a built-in cleaner. You can delete unwanted files right from the app without browsing through your file manager.  You have all your options right on the go on the main screen.


  • Choose the storage from which you want to transfer your media content.
  • The app will show you the content in a date wise manner.



  • Then select the files you want to transfer.


  • After selecting, click on move. Then you will get a screen prompt for the storage path.


  • Select the desired location and click ‘Transfer’.

Now, let’s talk about some unique features.

First, let’s talk about the built-in Auto-Transfer feature. You can transfer your media content to the Micro SD Card automatically without even opening the app. You can use this feature by just enabling it once and setting the location. After doing this, you do not need to worry about transferring contents even without using the app.

For example: If you select the Images folder in internal storage for Auto Transfer, then whenever you add some images to that folder it will automatically be transferred to the SD card location.

moveitNext is the Media Scanner, which will show you the hidden media files that you aren’t able to find on your device. These files may not display in the browser but you can get those files with the help of Media Scanner option.

moveitAnother considerably useful feature is the built-in cleaner that helps you get rid of unwanted files. Unwanted files like junk files, temporary files, thumbnails, cache, APKs, etc. are cleared in a second. You can simply free up a lot of space by using this feature.

Some other features that make the app more useful:

  • Search – Search the file you want to move directly from the app.
  • Media Player – All the media contents can be displayed at a glance before moving it or deleting it.
  • Delete – You can delete the files right away from the easy file manager interface.
  • New Folder – You can create new folders for your convenience right from the built-in file manager.
  • Sorting – Media contents are sorted date wise so you can find your desired files on the go.


MoveIt is an app that differentiates other apps with similar functionality in a distinct way. There are many pros of this app compared to its cons which are i would say negligible at this point. The app does its job nicely by having its own app size of about 5MB which is great. Also, it is a free app which makes it more favorable.

The MoveIt team is great in support and regular updates. Thereby, giving new features and accessibility. The team has done a great job by providing these advantageous features in this small package.

There is one problem of ads popping up however but i am sure MoveIt team will do something about it. This app will surely replace many apps from your phone in favor of one great app.
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Thank you for reading! Let us know what do you think about MoveIt for Android in the comments. If you like this article then do like share and stay tuned for more interesting articles like this.

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A great app for transferring your media contents to sd card and vice versa thereby freeing up a lot of space on the internal storage. Some unique features makes it more favorable.

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