Mobikwik App : Easily transfer your Cash Money to Bank!

Mobikwik App : How to transfer Cash to Bank Account easily..

Depositing Cash in Bank Account is very tedious task, but in today’s generation where money is turning virtual (electronic), doing transactions have become hassle free. The Mobikwik App allows you to transfer your cash money to their e-Wallet and from their e-Wallet to your bank account very easily, first let us understand the process.. how is it going to work?

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Adding money to e-Wallet

You will add money to your Mobikwik App e-Wallet via. Cash Pickup / Cash Deposit facility provided by Mobikwik. As soon as the money is delivered to Mobikwik, balance will be reflected in your e-Wallet. Here’s a deeper explanation.

Procedure Explanation

First you need to download and install the Mobikwik App and create a Mobikwik Account, and then add money in your Mobikwik e-Wallet in order to transfer it to your bank account.

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Step 1 – 2 : Enter the amount of money you want to add to your account. (maximum amount is INR. 10,000)

Step 3 : Select Cash Deposit/Pickup option.

Step 4(a) : The Cash Deposit option is available in most of the Cities. You will be able to Generate Order ID, just like a Demand Draft and will have to Deposit the Cash to a nearby Mobikwik center along with the Order ID.

Step 4(b) :  The Cash Pickup option is currently available only in selected cities (Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Jaipur, Surat). Where, in a defined time period, a person from Mobikwik will come to your doorstep and collect the Cash. Free of charge (in case you are wondering)..

  Transfering Money to Bank

Step 1 : Select Transfer/Pay to..

Step 2 : Choose Bank Transfers

Step 3 : Enter your bank details, and the money will be transferred to your Bank Account! But please consider that Mobikwik will take 4% of the amount as processing charge to transfer your e-Wallet money to your bank. (Minimum amount to transfer is INR. 520)

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