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MIS (Management of Information Systems) : The Next Gen Boom

Current generation is passing through a new epoch where imagination has no termination. Same analogy applies to astronomical(colossal) verticals extended by the diverse universities over the world. An atomic exemplification of which abbreviates as MISM/MIS that stands for Management in Information Systems.

What is MIS?

The course being interdisciplinary, has been shaped to serve as an amalgamation of information management, knowledge(data) management, usability, business administration, information systems, information architecture, information design, computer science, policy, ethics and project management.

what is MIS Management in Information Systems

From this piece of information one can wind up that MIS is a field where your potentials of technological core along with adeptness in management can be given an even break. Since the education system varies according to which part of the universe you choose to opt for and also does the course subjects and electives differ with the university that you cherry pick; the whole theme here is focused to give a global idea about the field.

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Which Universities offer MIS Course?

This peculiar course is offered by the universities ranking from top A grade one’s to B grade universities. Also,when the statistics of GRE grade for admissions in MIS and CS were scaled, most of the universities have been found to have a low cut off for MIS. The reason may be it’s less popularity among the students who are actually fishing for such a course. Albeit, reason being irrespective, it serves as one of the best opportunities who are in search of such a course.

Job Opportunities after MIS.

While you pursue your MS in MIS, one of the beneficiary aspect lies in the job opportunities. The post that can be grabbed after the masters entails Application Analyst, Data Analyst, Data scientist, Database Administrator, Information systems Manager, IT consultant, IT technical support officer, Systems Analyst, Systems Developer: which can ensure for the job opportunities of your engross.

Pay Scale:

Moving on to the further aspects consider pay scale. This factor is influenced by the job area one chooses along with the skills one has hands-on and the university one pursues masters degree from. Instead of getting into categorizing on the above basis, statistics from the available internet resources show a range from $50,000 to $150,000 annually. To what set of pay you fall in, solely depends on the personal skills. While a personal survey of the same gives an evidence of minimum $60,000 annually in USA; as described above may fluctuate.

A growth of 8% to 15% in the next decade had been predicted. On the whole, one of the best opportunities for someone who has got a combination of technical knowledge and levelheaded management skills.


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