Xiaomi Mi 5: Black & Gold versions coming to India

Mi 5 black gold

Almost three months after the Mi 5 officially debuted in India, Xiaomi is finally making the black and gold versions of the device available in India.

Up until now, Indian Xiaomi fans had to settle for the white version of the Mi 5, which went on the first flash sale on April 6 and on the open market from May 30.

Currently, only the white 32GB version is selling on Xiaomi’s online store, for Rs. 24,999. While quite reasonable for what this device is offering, the price tag spurred a backlash in India, as customers were expecting something closer to the Chinese price of the Mi 5 or Rs. 20,000.

According to Xiaomi, the black model of the device will go on sale today(Jun 24, 2016), while the gold model will follow soon.

The availability of the device will expand further, as the flagship device becomes available on Flipkart and Amazon.in.


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