Finaly finishing its quota of product launch for the year, apple launched its Macbook Pro 2016 yesterday. There is a large user base of the Macbooks, but Macbook Pro is more preferred by the professionals for heavy computing purposes, video editing, graphic designing and more performance related tasks. These are the areas where Macbook Pro proves its worth.

The last macbook pro was launched in late 2014, almost two years ago, since then there has not been any update in the macbook Pro section from apple’s side. As apple is claiming, they have truly redesigned the Macbook Pro. The newer version is better in all the extents as compared to its predecessors. Say it in the build quality, the performance or sleekness. Macbook Pro is just phenomenal.

The design was leaked by some of the sources 2 days ago and we informed you about that in our previous post of (Macbook Pro Rumours) which seemed to be quite accurate. Coming over to the the tech specs these are the improvements and modifications noticed in the new Macbook Pro 2016:

macbook pro 2016

1. Retina Display

There are two variants available in the MBP 2016 for screen size of 13” and a 15” variant. Where as the resolution of the screen remains the same as previous version of 2560 x 1600 with 227 pixels per inch. This Retina display will be almost 67% brighter than the 2014 model. It will be having 500nits brightness with a wide angle viewing.

2. Processors

The chip powering the beast is also available in 2 variants.

The 13” models will be having an Intel i5 6th generation(skylake) DUAL CORE processor with a clock speed of 2 GHz and another variant having a clock speed of 2.9GHz both over clockable upto 3.4GHz and 4MB L3 cache.

The 15 “ model will be having an Intel core i7 6th gen QUAD CORE chip with a clockspeed of 2.7GHz overclockable upto 3.6-3.7 GHz with 8MB L3 cache.

macbook pro 2016

3. Memory (RAM)

The 13” version will be having 8GB LPDDR3 memory of 2133MHz where as the 15” version will be having 16GB of memory LPDDR3 of 2133MHz.

4. Storage

The storage section will be having 256GB and 512GB options in both the variants. All the disks will be SSDs.

macbook pro 2016

5. I/O Ports

There are 4 USB type -C ports and a Headphone jack(:P) available in the new MBPs. The SD card expansion slot has been eliminated, so are the normal USB ports. As the ports are type C , any of the port could be used for charging or interfacing. Sad thing about type C ports is that now you will be forced to use a type C to USB adapter even for connecting any normal iPhone,iPad or an external hard drive. Good going apple(making people buy adapters forcibly).

6. Graphics

The 13” model will be powered by Intel Iris 550 where as the 15” model will be powered by Intel Iris 530 and a dedicated 2GB AMD Radeon Pro 455. It will be able to handle two 5K displays at a time.

macbook pro 2016

7. Trackpad

The force touch trackpad will be almost two times larger than the previous model, giving a larger area for your fingers to make easy transitions between screens through gestures. The keyboard will be having keys of butterfly mechanism which apple used to provide in its Macbook and Macbook air series, is now available in Macbook Pro 2016. Along with a 720p facetime camera.

8. Battery

The MBP will be having a 10 hour battery life and will be shipped with a 86 Watt USB C power adapter and a 76 watt-hour inbuilt battery.

9. Dimensions and Weight

The 15” model is of 0.61” x 13.75 x 9.43” and a weight od 1.83 Kg.

The 13” model is of 0.59”x 11.97 x 8.36 and a weight of 1.37 Kg.

10. Operating System.

The MBP will be powered by the macOS Sierra.

Along with all these specs, there is a new addition of a Touch Bar. This touchbar took place on the macbook replacing the function keys. The touchbar includes a fingerprint sensor which will be used to lock the device and make secure payments via apple pay. The touchbar is application specific and it adapts itself as per the application. For an instance think that you are using Final cut pro for editing a video, them the touchbar will be showing the timeline of your video and you can seek forward and backward by sliding your finger over the touchbar. If you are typing an email or a document, then it will give you word suggestions and various emogis and all the necessary stuff. The touchbar can even be customized as per your usage. Along with trthe touchbar, a new color has been introduced in the MBP family, and that is the spce grey version. So the MBP will be available in silver and a space grey variant.

Pricing will be 1,56000 INR for the 13” model and the 15” model starts from 2,05,000 ranging upto 2,43,000 INR. Thus the new Macbook Pro 2016 is a great option for professionals, but due to the pricing, it will face a tough competition from Microsoft Surface Book and Asus Zenbook 3.


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