Luminati Clothing Company : A Gujarat University Startup to showcase work in Canada

A young startup incubated at GUSEC (Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council), has found it’s way to Canada. Luminati Clothing Co. a company that designs Wearable Tech Designs, is being incubated at GUSEC from July 2016, has been selected to display its garment design at the world’s largest smart textile fashion show ‘MakeFashion’, going to be held at Calgary, AB in Canada. Smart textile is an mixture of electronics and high fashion.

About MakeFashion

MakeFashion is an annual fashion show, where many different teams from Calgary, Toronto, Seattle, San Francisco & Japan etc. showcase and celebrate the future of fashion and technology. Here, you can witness a range of wearable technology from interactive garments to laser cut and 3D-printed, LED-lit evening gowns.

About “Luminati Clothing Company” Team

The Luminati Team includes two engineers and two fashion designers – Arjav Parikh, Akshay Chawla, Komal Katkar & Subhanshu Somvanshi respectively. The team has designed a garment design concept inspired by India’s National bird – the peacock. Luminati is the only Indian team to have been selected for the show, whereas the remaining teams that will display their products at the event already have industry experience of 15-20 years. The start-up works on researching smart garments and is currently developing its first smart garment product. Luminati has leveraged infrastructure and mentorship support from GUSEC. We are excited to work in this unique, yet significant, field of smart garments and look forward to the show in Canada and many such opportunities.Arjav Parikh, Luminati Clothing Company.

About the Dress

This is a Woman Wear dress, the circuit is connected to a bluetooth control application. There are LED Lights and Peacock Feather on the shoulder region, together making a design of peacock. These lights and feather can be controlled by giving different commands from the application connected to the circuit through bluetooth. So according to these commands, when a model is performing ramp walk the lights and feathers can be controlled using mobile application. The garment tries to recrate the inticate complexities and the beauty of a peacock, such as its feathers that rise up and colours that reflect the bird. The design also packs a small device that makes the garment vibrate, which is to reflect the shivering of an excited peacock.

Gujarat University has supported over 40 start-ups till date. “Universities are the best place to drive a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in young India and Gujarat University is doing everything necessary to support and nurture innovators and entrepreneurs who will eventually create jobs and boost our economy.”, said Himanshu Pandya, in-charge vice-chancellor, GU.


Het Suthar

Het Suthar, is a Technology enthusiast, loves to check out new gadgets and apps. Currently pursuing Bachelors in Engineering.

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