Louis Vuitton brings the world’s most expensive Android smart watch

The world famous luxury French brand Louis Vuitton is making an ambitious introduction to the smart watch market. According to Louis Vuitton’s figures, a normal use lasts for 22 hours on a smart watch.

Tambour Horizon, the brand that takes the watch market, attracts attention with its offer of selling at the prices starting from 2 thousand 450 DOLLARS.

According to different models, the price is up to 3 thousand dollars and it is the first smart watch produced by Louis Vuitton at the same time. Smart clock works with Android Wear 2.0 operating system.

techbotincHowever, there are 60 different straps on the intelligent watch that is waterproof to 30 meters, The price range of the watches varies according to the watch model and straps. At present Tambour Horizon, which sells for sale, needs to call Louis Vuitton and have a special order.

There is no sensors to measure the heartbeat in a negative direction of the clock. You can watch the introduction video from Tambour Horizon right below.

As you know, the smart watch adventure of luxury brands has already shared before. Apple Watch has also laid off its products for thousands of dollars as a result of an agreement with French designer Hermès. Again, Tag Heuer branded the Connected Modular 45 Android Wear operating system clocks for around 700 thousand dollars in sales. But the watches produced by Louis Vuitton were the most expensive of the luxury watch market.

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