LG unveils new AI brand ThinQ

CES 2018 has opened its doors in Las Vegas. LG turned its conference with its intelligent products into a visual experience.

The brand started by talking about the event artificial intelligence brand ThinQ. It is said that ThinQ has shaped the settings of the information lights that consumers learn by learning about their lifestyles. It can also develop over time with the data you receive from users. The brand wants to integrate ThinQ with the consumers homes, business environments and tools, thereby providing more mobility and connectivity to the users lives.

LG Laundry Washing-Drying Machine

LG has integrated the range of motion and connectivity into smart white goods. Although LG’s washing machine and drying machine does not promise to fold the laundry for the time being. It is a very challenging product that will make it easier for domestic households.The machine features LG SideKick and SmartThinQ. With SmartThinQ, both the washing machine and dryer can be controlled remotely via Wi-Fi. LG SideKick is a technology that allows you to wash two different loads at the same time in different tanks.


SIGNATURE Dishwasher is remote controllable. There are four new Multi Motion sprays, called SteamClean. This capacity aims to clean food more efficiently and effectively. Another feature is TrueSteam, utilizes steam power to get rid of dried food stains.

LG 4-Door Smart InstaView Refrigerator

Again SmartThinQ technology dominates the 4-Door Intelligent InstaView Refrigerator, made of stainless steel. The refrigerator, which has a matt black color, has four different temperature settings called CustomChill. In this way different food types can be conveniently stored in different temperature settings. In the meantime, let’s share with the product applications as well as Google’s smart assistant Google Home.

LG Home Robots

Meanwhile, the brand also introduced three different commercial robots. Each designed to be used in different areas. For the time being, LG wants to use robots in homes in three different categories: shopping, service jobs, and goods transport.

The company is currently using robots in public places such as shopping centers (Airports in South Korea). Robots are attracted by the similarity of cute robot Cloi, which LG has introduced before.

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