After a large variety of products displayed at the CES 2017 by the Korean electronics super giant LG will be featuring its flagship smartphone at the end of this month. LG’s G series of smartphones being its high end quality, it will release its flagship model LG-G 6.


The phone is announced to be launched on February 26, 2017 and will hit the stores in late April 2017. In competition will Apple’s iPhone 7, Google Pixel, Oneplus 3T and Samsung Galaxy S7, LG will breakthrough this time by claiming the phone with a BEZEL LESS display naming that ‘Full Vision’ technology.

Now lets take a look at the most probable specs and the rumors regarding them:

1. LG G6 will be flaunting a 5.7” display with a 18:9 aspect ratio making the screen to body ratio less making the phone easy to hold and gat a larger display. The G5 was having a 2K display, so it is possible that LG may upgrade the display to a 4K display or else we may be seeing the same 2K display with a more brighter screen and more NITS.

2. It will be having pre installed android 7.0 and a google assistant can also be seen. Currently the google assistant is only available in Google Pixel phones.

3.The phone will be available in 64/128 GB storage options with expandable memory and 6GB of RAM.

4. It will be packing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 SoC. The battery will be non removable unlike LG V20.

5. The primary as well as secondary camera can be of 16 MP with a dual lens primary camera. And a fingerprint sensor on the rear side of the phone.

These are the 5 most probable specs which may be seen in the upcoming flagship from LG.

Stay tuned for full product review.



Image Courtesy: Trusted Reviews


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