The release of Iphone 7, which is one of the most anticipated things and has been talk of the town since past few months. Well, iphone will most probably be launched on 16th September 2016. After the huge success of iphone 6, 6s and the mediocre sales of iphone SE, Apple announced that it will be launching its flagship Iphone in the September of 2016.


As the launch date is commencing, rumours about technical specifications have started flooding. But along with the tech specs, one more thing which has picked up pace is the futuristic design of the iphone 7.


Apple has always been surprising its fans by changing the primary design of the iphone whenever it goes through a number upgradation. May it be the transition from iphone 4 to 5 or iphone 5 to 6, drastic changes were noticed in the design aspects of iphone.

These are one of the most probable designs which can be seen in the next successor of iphone.                       iPhone-7-colorways

Along   with the design modifications, hardware modifications will also be seen in the upcoming iphone. One of the most disappointing rumour was that, Apple has eliminated the conventional 3.5mm jack due to the space issues in iphone 7 and the users will be forced to buy a separate lightning to AUX converter. But this rumour was proved false by apple, as it is not removing the AUX port from the next iphone.

iPhone 7

Moreover to that, improvements will be seen in the battery life, the battery will be upgraded to a larger capacity of 1960 mAH. The mute switch which has been an inseparable part of iphone since its evolution may not be seen in iphone 7. A camera bump can also be seen with the upcoming iphone which will result in better image results improvising the OIS (optical image stabilization) and the EIS.


The storage capacities which were available in iphone 6 and 6s were of 16GB, 64GB and 128GB. The 32GB storage class was not manufactured by Apple. But it seems that Apple is returning with the 32GB storage model as a basic storage unit and the 16GB model will be suspended now onwards, making 32GB the primary model.

The phone can also be see in a blue tinge for the first time, as the rose gold color was introduced last time with the launch of iPhone 6.

iPhone 7

There are chances that the dual sim feature which was not seen till now in any of the iphone range, may be introduced with the iphone 7. But the most heard thing is that apple will be releasing 3 different models namely Iphone7, Iphone7 plus and Iphone7 pro. This pro version will be having the maximum capabilities than the rest of two.


These are the best possible changes which may or may not be observed as Apple has always been well known for its surprise elements.

Apple Leak Confirms Massive New iPhone 7


Image courtesy: MacRumors




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