iOS 10 Feature breakdown : Messages

iMessage is the most used app on the iPhone.

iMessage isn’t the first chat app but the new features look like a lot of fun. Users can send heartbeats and haptic signals, text or images scribbled by hand, and of course stickers. Emojis are larger and easier to insert. Apps let you do things like gather group orders and submit them to a restaurant, or even send money through third-party transaction services.


iMessages can be sent with an animated background, like balloons, confetti, and fireworks, or they can be emphasized with a “Bubble Effect,” designed to slightly tweak the animation of a received message to convey emotions like “loud” and “gentle.” There’s also an “Invisible Ink” Bubble Effect for a surprise-like impact, with text that remains hidden until a finger is swiped across it, and you can add quick “Tapback” replies to messages in the form of a heart, a thumbs up, and more by double tapping on a chat bubble.messageseffectsios10

Digital Touch,

With Digital Touch, you can send drawings, heartbeats, and taps to friends, and on iOS devices, Digital Touch can incorporate photos and videos that you can draw on. Digital Touch messages will play out as they were drawn when sent to a friend.messagesrichlinksdigitaltouch_ios10

Messages has a built-in handwriting feature for sending handwritten messages to friends. Tapping the new pen button at the bottom right of the keyboard brings up a touch pad where words can be written with a finger. When sending a picture in Messages, tapping on it will bring up editing tools and a Markup feature that can be used directly in the Messages app. The editing tools are the same as the tools available in the Photos app, allowing users to adjust image parameters like exposure, saturation, and brightness, and Markup can be used to annotate images with text and sketches. URLs are very rich, with inline previews.photoshandwriting_ios10


Emoji’s are now displayed in bigger size. Along with bigger emoji, iOS 10 brings a fun new emoji prediction feature to the keyboard. When typing, you’ll get emoji suggestions right alongside words, and if you type a sentence and then switch to the emoji keyboard, all words in your sentence that can be replaced with emoji will be highlighted. Tapping them turns them to emoji.emojireplacer_ios10

App Store for Messages

Apple has introduced a dedicated app store for Messages consisting of extensions that can be used in the Messages app. Simple apps that do things like allow you to send stickers and GIFs to friends will be included, but the platform will also support more powerful apps that can do things like send payments or make a collaborative takeout dinner order with friends. For all of this, You don’t have to leave the messages app.messagesappstore_ios10iOS-10-imessage-apps

Individual Read Receipts. 

The user can now set read receipts on a per person basis, turning them on for some individuals and off for others.


Stickers are available from the Messages App Store. They have some special properties. Stickers can be resized, put on top of chat bubbles or other stickers, and be added to photos. Apple makes it easy to create stickers by dragging images into a designated folder in Xcode with no need to write code.

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