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Intro : Make your own AI Voice Assistant Kit

Use your tinkering skills in making your own Voice assistant!!

As an engineer, our minds always wonder, in trying to make new things. Something that would be able to assist us in our day-to-day life. We all are tinkers in some way or the other. If you like to build electronic gadgets here’s a project for you, which allow you to tinker and improve your skills!

News has been spread that Google and AIY Projects has launched an open source do it yourself artificial intelligence last week, Voice Kit for Raspberry Pi hobbyists.


The Voice Kit includes:

• Hardware for audio capture and playback,
• Connectors- for the dual mike daughterboard and speakers,
• GPIO pins to connect low voltage components like sensors and micro servos, and also an optional barrel connector for dedicated power supply.

Assistant SDK is enabled by default to be used with Voice kit, but in addition to that it can use the Cloud Speech API or run independently on a device.

The kit was designed and tested with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, which costs no more than $35!!! Believe me, it’s a cheap deal.

The director of AIY Project, Billy Rutledge, says developers can run Android Things on the Voice Kit with full functionality. This makes it easy to prototype IoT devices and scale to full commercial products with various available hardware solutions, like Raspberry Pi 3, the Intel Edison, and the NXP Pico.

The Voice Kit can replace physical buttons and digital displays on household appliances and consumer electronics, replace smartphone apps to control connected devices, and add voice recognition to assistive robotics, for example.
AIY has published a parts list, assembly instructions, source code and suggested extensions.
The kit began shipping to subscribers to The MagPi Magazine earlier this month. It’s also available for sale at more than 500 Barnes & Nobles stores in the United States.

LIMITATIONS of this AI Voice Assistant Kit.

The Voice Assistant Kit is a great teaching tool, but it does have some limitations:
Voice kit has limited processing performance, so that allows you to perform certain functions on a device. You cannot expect it to be able to replace Siri or Alexa.
The kit cannot be used for production purposes.


In upcoming 20 years, every piece of electronics we will come across will be using some form of AI. Google is looking to establish market share as the AI grows and to find and create opportunities for new business models around AI.
The Voice Kit is not only a funny pass time but will also help the next generation
So let’s get our hands down and tinker with the new Voice kit!!

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Margi Desai

Margi Desai is currently pursuing Bachelors in electrical Engineering. Loves to do research and read about electronics and new technologies.

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