INTEL Core i9


PC and laptop processor market is having a total monopoly of two brands: INTEL and AMD. In a competition between the two, the former one dominates the later one. But after facing a long downfall in terms of market share, AMD finally came out with its RYZEN series of processors named R5 and R7 which give almost similar performance to that of Intel’s top performing Core i7 series at almost half its price comparatively.

After a tough competition from AMD in this quarter after the launch of the RYZEN series processors, Intel may be planning to revamp its processor line-up and may introduce new category named Core i9. The core i9 processors would be based on the 7th generation Kabylake architecture and are speculated to release in late august.

The Core i9-7900 will be supporting up to a maximum of 44 PCIe lanes, while the Core i9-7800 will be supporting up to 28 PCIe lanes. The base clock speeds of the processors may be around 3.5-4 GHz and would be turbo clocked up to 4.5 GHz and more.

These processors will be having 2 variants: one featuring a 10 core architecture and other having a 12 core architecture.





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