Most Innovative App of the Year? PhotoMath

Featured PhotoMath

World’s first camera calculator – PhotoMath. You can simply snap a picture of math equation and the app would give you the answer to maths problem. It also provides step by step instructions on how to solve it. Yes it’s that easy..! you read it right! This App is like heaven for those who are not good at Math, and a good helping hand for learning mathematics.

How PhotoMath Works?

PhotoMath steps

Step 1:

Place the equation inside frame while holding the phone directly above. You can drag to adjust the size and shape of the frame.

Step 2:

The result will appear on the screen in red.

Step 3:

Tap the Steps button to see how to solve. You can tap the arrow buttons or swipe up and down to view the steps.

PhotoMath has some shortcomings too. It can only read printed text, so the handwriting part cannot be solved by the app.

What all can you do with PhotoMath?

“PhotoMath currently supports basic arithmetics, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations and several functions like logarithms. New math is constantly added in new app releases,” says the description of the app on iTunes. The app uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to read the equation and calculates the answers within seconds. There is a red frame in the app that you have to use to capture the equation.

Red Box PhotoMath

Watch PhotoMath in action


 On the App Store (iOS)

On Google Play (Android)


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