Improve Your Smart Phone Photography under 500Rs.

Hey guys! Today we are going to see some gadgets under 500Rs. that can help you improve your Smart Phone Photography!!

Time to turn yourself into a ‘Professional Smart Phone Photographer’

Take More Steady Shots

Get better Long Exposure Photographs, Steady low light snaps

You might have seen professional photographers using all those heavy tripods with their DSLRs, as it allows to take different shots such as : Long Exposure, Time Lapse videos, Selfies etc and avoids any kind of camera shake.

You can buy a similar tripod for your Smart Phone. With which you will be able to take your perfect shot without any camera shakes and photo blurs!

If you are thinking of starting a YouTube channel this could be a perfect camera gear for you. These tripods can be used for both smart phones and digital cameras.

Here are some of our best picks –

Add more Perspective / Depth to your Photos

Get more of a DSLR functionality with smart phone photography

By using different attachable lens sets, you can capture different types of situations in a very better manner. There are three attachment lenses available right now in the market, they are:

  • Fish-Eye Lens : Allows you to capture photos with fish-eye effect and a larger view.
  • Macro Lens: Allows you to capture small detailed elements of your subject, such as Flowers / Insects / Miniature Models etc.
  • Wide-Angle Lens: As the name suggests, allows you to capture a larger view by standing at the same place. It increases your smart phone’s view angle.

All these lenses are available in a single package for almost all smart phones, check the links below –


Get Maximum Optical Zoom

One most difficult thing in smart phone photography is to get good image quality at high level of digital zooms. This problem can be solved by using a telephoto lens!

Telephoto Lens allows you to add extra optical zoom to your Smart Phone camera. The Digital zoom available on your camera reduces the image quality when used to take zoomed pictures of far away subjects. The telephoto lens provides you Optical Zoom!

Optical zoom is always better than digital zoom as the photo quality remains unchanged, so you can take better pictures with upto 8x Optical Zoom!

Basically these lens work as magnifying glass for your smart phone.

Here are some of our best picks –

 Take Better Selfies

Most of the people are now using selfie stick to take selfies. But the problem arises when you have to take selfie in low light condition or at night.

Now some of the companies have started providing front facing flash. If your smart phone doesn’t have one and you are tiered of all those noisy and dark selfies, we have found a solution for you!

There are mobile led flash lights available, that directly fits into your smart phone’s headphone jack (if your phone has one). And flashes every time you click a photo, providing you with better lit photographs (selfies) !

Here are some of our best picks –

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