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How Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Mobile App Development

Artificial intelligence has brought revolution in the mobile industry. Use of artificial intelligence functionality has made easier for users to get real-time content. Thus, helping businesses to merge their innovative ideas to improve customer experience.

With AI things become easy such as developing an attractive and useful app for the developers. As AI has allowed developers to develop difficult functionality easily with not much research. As customers are more into using AI build apps.

According to Statista, global AI revenue is expected to reach 89.85 billion in 2025. From learning capability to natural language processing as well as advanced algorithm AI works at different levels. Providing personalized experience to the users while satisfying their needs.

As top mobile app development companies rely on AI, let’s have a look at how Artificial Intelligence Can Transform App Development industry?

More Personalised Content To User:

Most of the apps have failed in the market as they do not have the personalized functionality to help customers find products according to their buying behavior and interest.

AI technology is best when it comes to customer satisfaction and business needs. AI offers the best-personalized tools by gaining insights into user interest, buying behaviors, user information, searches, user response, and location. Thus, allowing AI based mobile app to recommend products according to the user interest.

AI has really boost customer engagement and has enhanced customer satisfaction by making an app to serve better to the user needs.

For example, AI-based app such as Starbucks has a voice recognition feature that helps customers to place an order with voice search. The mobile app has a reward program across the world. Starbucks AI enabled app is using real-time data to give an exciting offer to the customers.

Artificial intelligence is creating wonders as it has the power of a machine learning algorithm which is used to process real-time information like humans. This will help businesses to maintain and well improves brand identity. Hence generate income.

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Image and Voice Recognition:

The next effective way of AI is its image recognition functionality that easily scans objects in the pictures or a video and shows you the product name, price, various eCommerce sites selling the same product etc.

It gives an advantage to the user to search through voice and image regardless of typing text. Users will have more personalized experience which in turns will delight them. Personalized AI with voice and image recognition apps are revolutionizing future needs.

Image Recognition technology is also used to diagnose diseases, to examine clients. IR app such as take control that allows users to control TV, AC, and other smart appliances through their mobile phone.

siri speech recognition ai

AI-based algorithms are the reason behind this innovation that is used in mobile app development. It helps in reading the behavior of the user perfectly by analyzing their behavior patterns.

Read Human Emotions:

Reading face emotions of humans is another interesting AI functionality with the help of image processing technology. Thus, human senses are captured through tools Affectiva, emotion AI.

Business can develop the emotion AI apps such as image recognition and OCR that will translate the written text in sign language. Another interesting mobile app idea is to develop a gallery app that will recognize the facial expressions of the users and sort images accordingly. 

emotion recognition ai app

Reasoning app:

AI has one other important functionality called automated reasoning which is far difficult than analyzing the buying behavior of users. It helps users to solve problems with the help of complex algorithms. These mobile apps will have human-like abilities. Basically, they use logical reasoning to solve a particular problem without any human intervention.

For example, Uber is using the reasoning algorithm that helps drivers to get the fastest yet shortest route by checking the traffic and comparing the data without any mistakes.

Wrapping Up:

People are implementing AI technology everywhere. You as a business owner, the developer can implement AI to develop innovative mobile apps. AI is one such technology that can be used to implement mobile app idea in any sector like education, finance, social media etc. due to its potential.

artificial intelligence in app development

Hence AI is the best to engage users, get user attention with innovative UI/UX. Thus will continually help businesses to satisfy customers.


Sunit Panwar

Sunit Panwar is chief technology officer at RV Technologies. He is very passionate about implementing new technologies in developing innovative mobile app development and website development. He constantly looks forward to various interesting ideas and ways to implement them with advanced functionalities. He keeps on inspiring the developers with new functionalities, ideas as well as tools.

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