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Google Cardboard

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Since long time, we have been seeing Virtual Reality in movies and have been dreaming about it. When you imagine a VR Headset the first image that comes to your mind might be a really high-tech device and very expensive. But! people at Google, thought to make it simple. They created a VR Headset (Google Cardboard) from something everyone has, yes.. it is a piece of Cardboard!  At first it might seem like a joke, but this simple cardboard cutout can turn your phone into a virtual reality headset (Google Cardboard).

What is Google Cardboard really?

It is simply a design that you can buy in form of a kit form stores such as amazon or use to build your own which is described here – Make Your Own VR Headset : DIY

Once put together, you can set your smartphone run an app such as Cardboard, and look through the lenses. It will turn the interactions with your phone into a real-life experience.

How does Google Cardboard work?

It works in combination with your phone, lenses and applications. First by placing your phone at the front end at an optimal distance from the lenses, by using the compatible applications, the lenses create a 3D effect when held up to the users eyes. When you move your head around, the images respond as if you are in the same place as what is displayed on your screen creating a real-world effect.

For example you can browse through your video gallery as if your are surrounded by all your videos, you can walk through the streets of Vegas in the street view demo, while viewing and interacting with your phone which reacts to your actual position in space.

Along with this, it comes with an NFC chip that automatically launches the official Cardboard app when the user places their phone into the headset.

Now, you’ll think.. how do I select things? how do I interact with it? well it comes with a magnet on the side. What does it do? well, the little magnet on the side is a quiet ingenious design aspect of Google Cardboard. ITS A BUTTON! yes! it acts as a Button! It uses your phone’s magnetometer, which is usually used for compass functions, to sense the magnetic field of our tiny magnet and control it while it is in the headset.

What can you use Google Cardboard for?

Well it works with numerous apps, including games, video apps like youtube, maps, google earth and many more. Initially you can get familiar with it by using the Cardboard app.

The cardboard app comes with the following:

  • Google Earth
  • Youtube 360
  • Demo
  • Video Gallery
  • Street View etc..

While watching videos.. Believe me it feels like your own personal theatre.

Where can I get Google Cardboard?

Its super easy to get a piece for you. You can either buy a kit, or build it on your own its really simple. You can buy a DIY kit at Amazon. You can browse through different manufacturers and select the one that you think will fit for your phone size. Make sure you select the proper size, because it is important that your device lines up properly with the lenses; otherwise your VR experience can be compromised.

If you wish not to spend money and you want to utilise your free time in creating something new n useful for you, you can make it on your own! Yes thats true.. check it out – Make Your Own VR Headset : DIY.


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Het Suthar

Het Suthar, is a Technology enthusiast, loves to check out new gadgets and apps. Currently pursuing Bachelors in Engineering.

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