At the day zero of the Mobile World Congress, Blackberry, Nokia, and LG mainly stole the show with big stage events and a lot of glam. But Google on the other hand silently played the game making a huge announcement through its official blog related to Google Assistant.

The tech giant stated that the devices running Android Nougat (7.0) and Marshmallow (6.0) will get the support of GOOGLE ASSISTANT. Till date, only Google Pixel, which is Google’s own phone has the Google Assistant. The assistant can handle a lot of tasks online and offline too, It adds more functionality to the current Google Now which is present on all the Android devices.

Google assistant basically competes with Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. But is better in some terms than Siri. Thus Google Pixel was the only phone till date which was enjoying the benefits of Google’s Assistant, but now onwards updates will start rolling out regionally, first covering America, Australia, Canada and UK,and then onwards covering Germany and other EU countries by adding the domestic language functionality and features.

The release date of updates is not yet officially announced and nor is the list of devices which will be getting the updates first, but it seems that Samsung, LG and HTC will be the first ones to get it followed it by Sony and other major companies.

Thus it is a good move by Google to make the availability of Assistant over a large range of devices which will in turn reduce the functionality gap between iOS and Android and a larger mass would be able to make use of the Assistant and do work even more efficiently.

Stay tuned for more updates from MWC 2017.


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