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Glimpse of Iron Man Tech : VOXEL TECHNOLOGY

How many of you have seen Iron Man 3? Do you remember where tony recreates the blast scene at his home with holographic technology?

Holographic scene from Iron Man 3

Okay now Just imagine! You are watching a live cricket match, and you actually can be inside the perspective view of the game. You could be in the middle of ground or just at Batting position watching how Virat swings the bat to hit a six for the win. Yes, that view can happen without Virat wearing a camera at his helmet.

Welcome to the concept of Voxel. Our younger brother of the pixel. The typical definition would be a unit of graphic information that defines a point in three-dimensional space. Since a pixel (picture element) establishes a point in two-dimensional space with its x and y coordinates, a third z coordinate is needed. In 3-D area, each of the coordinates is defined regarding its position, color, and density. (, 2018) One of the biggest semiconductor chip maker, Intel has developed and is implementing a “True View” technology which lets you see through a 180-360-degree depth view with its True VR headset.

Representation of depth-view from True VR headset.Representation of depth-view from True VR headset.

A dozen of 5K cameras are set up around the area for the virtulization. The virtual ring created through the cameras gives a 3D space. The user in any instance can change and see any perspective view through the headset. The real question is what are the things can we do with the intel voxels.


   The Verge

Here are the bullets of possibilities what we can do with voxel:

  •   It can make music from sensors attached to a glove
  •   It can use dozens of cameras to track football players and let you see the game from their perspective
  •   It will use those same cameras to turn the Winter Olympics into a VR experience
  •   It created a studio that shoots a scene from a hundred angles so that it can be cut and recut from any perspective
  •   It can partner with other companies to create new VR experiences
  •   It can help self-driving cars know where they are on a road
  •   It can help “flying cars” know where they are in the air
  •   It can make tiny drones dance around indoors, knowing where they are without the need for GPS

Maybe the future we see as being the tony stark is yet far, but not impossible.


The Verge

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