Genyo Takeda, retires after 45 years at Nintendo


Genyo Takeda executive and technology fellow will retire after 45 years at Nintendo, this June.

Takeda is somewhat of a monolithic figure at Nintendo. He primarily worked on the hardware for a variety of gaming systems over the years and was technically the company’s first game designer.

From designing the setup for the analogue joystick on the N64’s controller, he was also one of the main designers behind the Wii and GameCube hardware. He is also a man after my own heart, as he openly advocated the fact that leaps in graphical power are not necessary to push gaming hardware forward.

 However, one of the biggest things Takeda did at Nintendo was to introduce batteries for the RAM in NES cartridges. As this allowed the save data to survive each time the console was turned off.

For most companies in Japan, employees tend to retire in their 60s. So for Takeda to leave Nintendo at the age of 68 is a little late. However, this is likely down to the release of the Switch and that he probably wanted to supervise one last console release before he retired.

Now that the Switch is doing so well, it makes sense that someone like Ko Shiota would take over his role, which will happen this June.

In any case, Takeda is a legendary figure at Nintendo and he has an impressive career behind him. So he deserves to take it easy from now on and I hope that at the very least he gets to have some fun in his retirement.


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