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Future Water Bottles ??

Lets see what Future Water bottles will look like!!

In this technological age , when everything is influenced by technology ,  water has joined that list too. It will come as no surprise to anyone with the slightest interest in the environment that water bottles are at the top of the hit list for “worst products to buy,” thanks to their one-time purpose and amount of waste generated.

But a company from London changed the whole game!!  With their idea for a water bottle made out of edible material. A water bottle that you can eat, that delivers hydration in the form of a blob!!!.. Yes now water is available in form of blob, at least in UK! We can physically hold the water blob in our hand.

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This blob was created by ,Rodrigo García González, Guillaume Couche, and Pierre Paslier of Skipping Rocks Lab in London, the orb is created by taking a frozen ball of water, then covering it in layers of membrane made from seaweed extract. The process is a riff on a culinary technique called spherification, which is appropriate given that the gelatinous coating is edible. Using a process called spherification, which was popularized by molecular gastronomy, the membrane keeps water inside. People can either eat the whole thing, or take a bite and suck down the water, and then dispose of the casing. Ooho is an edible membrane that keeps water packaged in a neat little bubble.

Skipping Rocks Lab, a sustainable packaging start-up, introduced Ooho in 2014, but now it’s catching on around the world in a big way. Made of calcium chloride and brown algae extract (both 100 per cent plant-based and biodegradable materials), Ooho is an edible membrane that keeps water packaged in a neat little bubble.

Back in 2015, Ooho! received a $22,500 sustainability award from the EU, and now it looks like these water blobs could be ready for tossing into your bag on the way out the door in the near future. There are rumors that the company will begin testing out their water bubbles at major sporting events in 2018.

Watch what creators have to say about their invention!

At the end the excitement is not about now we can eat water, but rather about the advancement of technology. Plus the edible part shows us how natural this blob is ! It is no natural , that you can even make it at home, using some household things. There are lots of videos on making water blobs at home!

Let’s see how does Ooho experience feels in the video below.

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Margi Desai

Margi Desai is currently pursuing Bachelors in electrical Engineering. Loves to do research and read about electronics and new technologies.

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