The Future of AI (Artificial Intelligence)


What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI stands for “Artificial Intelligence” and even though it sounds like a hi-tech word, chances are you have used it on many occasions. The whole “AI” thing began in 20th century, when inventors were trying to make machines more efficient by making them independent of human help. As the development in computer increased, the possibility of better and better AI increased too. Today we use so many AIs, be it Google’s Google Now, Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri. However, these are not the only AIs we use. AI technically means something that replicates a human’s level of intelligence, which means even the Face Recognizing in Snapchat’s filters is AI.

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Why do we need Artificial Intelligence?

As obvious as it is we need AI so that we can merge our level of intelligence with machine’s level of work. However, the AI we have today are known as “Weak AI”. The original idea of AI was to have something that could replace human and learn from human’s actions. Currently we don’t have AIs that could replace humans as a whole but we are slowly getting there. A perfect AI would be something that could learn from it’s mistakes and get better over time. A perfect AI could one day achieve a state of super-intelligence. 

What is the future of Artificial Intelligence?

To be honest, there are many “theories” about the future of AI. Some people are against it thinking that if we give that much power to a Robot/Computer, it could destroy our society. While some other people think that if we successfully create a strong AI, we could change our society for good. There are a ton of things that are complicated for humans but if we can create a strong AI, it can easily solve problems and perform tasks that are otherwise very difficult to execute by humans. 

Even though we are slowly getting near to creating a strong AI, we are still very far from that. So what do you think? Will the world bow down to “evil” robots because of AI? or change our lives for good? 


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