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A lot of new tech, gadgets and gizmos were launched by various bigheads on the 1st day of CES 2017, but the undoubted show stopper was FARADAY FUTURE. The 2 year old toddler launched its 1st futuristic car at the CES under huge glam and show.

This car will be called the FF-91. Hitting down hard, FF91 will bring in tough times for Tesla, directly competing with its Model S and Model X. Faraday future claims the car to be fully automatic, driverless car driven by electricity.


Coming over to the technical specifications of the car, it will be housed with twice as much dense batteries present in the current electrical vehicles pointing towards tesla. It would be having six cooling units constantly monitoring the temperature and charge. The company claims that it could run 378 miles (608 kms) in one go.

Moreover to the specs section, the company also claimed a whooping 0-60 in 2.39 seconds which is till date the fastest pickup in any car. The car will be having many more additional features such as keyless entey by using facial recognition. It will be having two antennas, a set of cameras in the front, changing wheel plates according to the journey to adjust the average and much more.

One of the eye-catching features shown by Faraday Future at CES was the auto parking ability of the car. It was demonstrated in the parking lot of CES, however when the FF engineer tried to do so on the stage, the car didn’t respond creating a moment of shame which cant go un-noticed.

The car is said to be priced around $150,000 (INR 1.05 Cr.)to $200,000 which is in the same price range as that of Tesla Model X s price of $180,000.It could be pre booked by users by paying $5000 on Thus the car was totally futuristic in terms of design and capabilities, only time will tell how it performs in the road and on the market in front of other beasts and beauties already out there.





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